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Eplatinumclub is a complete brand new concept, different from what many of us have been seen in the past.

Eplatinumclub is coming with the discount vouchers which will give you discount across the leisure′s, Entertainment, Shopping, Accommodation and much more

Now, the compensation plan is unique as well. Eplatinumclub board and reward system is totally different from what you have been seen in the past.

Eplatinumclub is coming with a professional system that reward everyone. It contains two 11 man board distributed in 6,2,2,1. The entry fee is just $175. When you complete the cycle at the first stage, you get your $175 back. And when you complete the second stage, you get $4000, and re-enter back to the second stage where you get the $4000 repeatedly.

With a global market the administrators of Eplatinum club are located strategically in The Bahamas, Nigeria, Russia, and New Zealand.


ePlatinumClub is sort of a different structure than we are used to- I′m gonna call it a 2 table 2x3-2.

Basically, both tables will look something like this:


(Xs represent filled positions and Os represent positions that need to be filled to cause a split)

On the split, 2 people from the lowermost level will jump straight to the second level- priority being assigned to those that first got their referrals. The other 4 people will progress to level 3 as normal and so on. The top person going to the bottom of the second board, of course.

Payouts for each table are $175 for first table cycle and $4000 second table with reentry at the second table.

There IS jumping in this program but you do not need your 2 referrals in order to progress through- it is dependent on the state of the board in general. For those of you is Getaway Club, you are familiar with this concept (this operates on the same script).

At this time, egold is the only method of payment. But credit card will be in place and webmoney is under consideration as a payment option as well.

There are unveiling a new discounts card- discounts on restaurants, entertainment, electronics, furniture, dining, travel- that can be used around the world. Since this is prelaunch, the details of what the card currently has to offer are not on the site yet- should be on there soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the ePlatinumClub′s compensation plan superior?

Simple - substantially fewer people are required in your downline to cycle. This gives you the ability to cycle repeatedly and for all members to enjoy the benefits of cycling and earning the major compensation bonus.

What is pre-launch?

Due to a loyal and demanding member base, we have released the program prior to members being able to enjoy the benefits of the platinum card. Members that cycle can enjoy and receive any bonuses they earn, so you can start building your business immediately.

What is the cost of being involved?

The cost is a one time payment only. There are no monthly membership fees or hidden costs.

How can I pay for my membership?

You can use e-gold, Visa or MasterCard. We hope to introduce other payment options and will send members newsletters as these become available.

What is the payment I receive when I cycle?

We have two tables in which members can earn a payment when they cycle. The payments are designed to recognize the achievements and efforts of our members.

When am I reentered into the boards?

As soon as you cycle though the Platinum board, you are credited with the relevant payment and reentered BACK into the board system at the PLATINUM level.

How do I earn compensation payments?

As members join under you, whether you or your downline have recruited these members, your position in the board rises. When the board is filled, you are placed in a new board and receive the appropriate payment for that board if applicable.

How can I build my business?

You can build your business by introducing other people to ePlatinumclub and helping them achieve and obtain the same goals you have

This is in PRELAUNCH- there are still a number of things that need to be added to the site, but they are allowing sign ups!

To Join, click here:

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